Signs And Solutions Of Financial Stress

Signs And Solutions Of Financial Stress

Signs And Solutions Of Financial Stress - Personal Financial Crisis - US Financial Crisis » Signs And Solutions Of Financial StressFrom the last year plus now, we have been seeing the global markets just go one way, and that is down, down, down. There is a general feeling of uneasiness for very one of us. You may have lost your job or if incase you are luck enough to still have yours I can guarantee that some one in the family has been laid of only lately.

What ever happened to all those nice blue collard ‘boys’ who came and sold us every thing we wanted? From the credit card companies to the cars, houses etc, etc. Every stock market around the world is down by almost 50 percent if not more. Complete financial ruin for so may it is hard to imagine.

So if sleep is hard to come by for you these days worry not. It just your body internalizing the fact that money is hard to come by these days. Why is it that our sleep, the most important thing that keeps us kicking in live every day, is the first to get the boot, when trouble comes calling around the corner; yes, sleep is the first things that will tell you that you have got all tangled up in the web of financial crises. It is easy on the surface of things to say that its ok we are all getting sacked, but internally it can be a far more devastating experience.

Is your weight all of a sudden gone into yo-yo? This to, is another indication that internally you are at struggle with your self on the issue of impending doom. Well for all of those in the US and some other developing countries where you have unemployment benefits, give your brothers from across the seas a thought. Live is not all a bed of roses is an age old saying. It seems it has come to remind us as of today. Nature possibly feels we had forgotten this fundamental fact.

In tough times like we are facing, we all need to come together and try and be of help to each other. That is the only way we are going to ride the storm. Has it got some thing to do with ‘trying to outdo the Jones’s’? We have “hit the bottom line” and unless we change are ways, we will never climb out from this hole recovered.

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