Signs of a Cheating Husband

Signs of a Cheating Husband

Signs of a Cheating Husband - How to Detect Cheating by Husband - How to Catch a Cheating Husband | Tips on - Find TipsWe women tend to believe that once we get married, it will be happy and blissful journey leading to a happy ending. This sounds quite like a film’s ending or straight out of ‘Mills and Boons’ story.

But life is not that rosy always. Only one woman in a thousand perhaps can claim such ‘happy’ status. For others, the dreams end when a woman suspects her spouse cheating on her. A woman’s intuition (it’s not a myth) plays a great role in this.

However, if you want that solid proof of his betrayal, check out the following signs:

1. Change Of Behavior – It does not mean that wife starts judging each and every movement or actions. But what if he is not wearing the wedding ring? Not eager to go out with wife? Coming unusually late from office? Is he always very stressed out and not telling the reason also? Is he taking more interest in the way he looks? Is he interested in sex with the better half? Such things and many more tell a lot about his changing attitude.

2. Being Secretive – Earlier he would share everything with the spouse but he does not do that now is like shouting from the roof top that something is wrong. Much he tries to cover up; it just exposes him more and more. Also, if he spends more time on computer is a warning sign when the wife knows that he is not that into computer games. So for what does he stick to the computer screen?

3. Finances – Throughout, your spouse had been clear and honest about his finances, maybe even shared a joint account. But now there is a new account, his bills are diverted to his office; he no more shows the wife his credit statement and his extremely secretive with his dealings. Either he flares up when asked something or is unusually careful before answering anything.

4. Friends Behaviour – They perceive his better half with a difference. Either they know about his wanton ways and sympathize with you or they have been fed with false stories regarding how horrible wife you are!

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