Signs of Eating Disorders

Signs of Eating Disorders

Signs of Eating Disorders - Emotional Eating Symptoms - People With Eating Disorders - Symptoms of Eating Disorders » Signs of Eating DisordersThere are various kinds of eating disorders. While some may suffer from anorexia nervosa in which they try to starve themselves to attain the perfect pencil thin figure, there are many who suffer from overeating or emotional eating disorder. Given below are some symptoms through which you can recognize a person with an eating disorder so that timely assistance can be provided.

People who suffer from eating disorders, especially those of under eating, suffer from a bad body image. They always tend to find a lack in their body and are not comfortable and happy with their body figure. It is for this reason that problems like anorexia nervosa develop where-in people tend to use laxatives, purge, and starve themselves for attaining their desired body figure.

People with eating disorders, especially those of bulimia nervosa and anorexia, tend to exercise a lot and overexert themselves. Additionally, such people also display symptoms like those of menstrual irregularities, dry skin, constipation and stomach related ailments, irregular beating of heart and emotional mood swings.

If your near and dear one is constantly making up excuses to skip meals, then it might be that the person is suffering from an eating disorder. Such people also constantly keep weighing themselves and are on a look out for flaws in their body. In short, they lack self confidence and a positive body image.

Emotional eating or overeating is another kind of eating disorder caused particularly by stress and anxiety. Such people keep binging on food even when they are not hungry. This binging is triggered by some emotional upheaval in their life and even due to stress and depression.

Keep the above signs and symptoms in mind so that you can recognize a person who is suffering from eating disorder and provide him with assistance.

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