Signs Of Skin Cancer

Signs Of Skin Cancer

Signs Of Skin Cancer - Skin Cancer Symptoms And Treatment - Skin Cancer Causes » Signs of Skin CancerWhen we hear of the term cancer, a certain kind of fear grips us. Cancers are of various kinds and one of them is skin cancer. Recently, skin cancer has been often talked of in relation with global warming and the harmful effects of UV rays on skin. This article will acquaint you with basic signs and symptoms of skin cancer so that timely treatment can be taken to avoid serious consequences.

Before looking at the various symptoms of skin cancer, one should know that skin cancer is of two kinds: melanoma and non-melanoma. The former is more serious than the latter and the latter is a common kind of skin cancer, caused usually by overexposure to sun’s harmful radiations. Let’s look at some basic signs and symptoms of skin cancer.

Any change or eruption in the skin which refuses to heal or budge needs to get checked by a skin specialist to rule out the possibility of cancer. This is because sores or changes in the skin, discoloring of skin, eruption of moles, and changes in existing skin growth are some of the symptoms associated with skin cancer. Other symptoms include development of rough and scaly patches on the skin, a firm lump in the skin that is usually red and other kinds of suspicious changes or eruptions in your skin.

While the above given symptoms are generic symptoms associated with all kinds of skin cancer, the symptoms can also be categorized according to the kind and type of cancer. For instance, symptoms like patchy scar like skin, mole looking bumps, and red flat spots prone to frequent bleeding can be indicative of basal cell cancer and similarly, changes in wart and unknown skin growths can indicate non-melanoma skin cancer.

If you experience any suspicious change in your skin or any of the above given symptoms, then you must consult your doctor to get timely treatment.

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