Signs of Stress

Signs of Stress

Signs of Stress - Causes - Stressful Situations - Headaches - Back and Shoulder Pain » Signs of stress and ways to counter themCertainly everyone not responds to stress in the same manner. This makes it even more badly to spot when someone is really experiencing too much of stress. However there are numerous symptoms of stress that one can tell you. Some of them are mentioned below-just go through them!
Finding it hard to sleep
Certainly under stressful situations, you find it hard to lie down on your bed for having some sound restful sleep. Undoubtedly with a problem on mind, nobody can be expected to have a peaceful sleep. One classic sign of sheer stress is waking in the early hours with your brain buzzing with worries. So make sure you park your problems elsewhere before hitting your bed for getting a restful sleep.


Higher stress levels affect your brain functioning in a very traumatic way. In addition to this, disturbed sleeping pattern causes painful headaches that many of you finds hard to deal with. Taking painkillers to cure headaches is fine to some extent but make sure to think over the real cause of stress.

Itches and rashes

Blotchy skin and even an annoying tendency to blush all the time are often caused by stress. If this one also affects you, make sure to wear loose fitting clothes as they will keep you on a more relaxing and comfy state.

Back and shoulder pain

Do you know that whenever you stressed about something, you hold your body in a very different manner which tense up your body muscles? Well, the truth is that not even half number of people realizes this fact. The bad posture thus causes back and shoulder pain. Massage can be prove to be a reliving remedy for this pain, but mind it massage only treats the symptom not the real cause.

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