Signs & Symptoms Of Insomnia

Signs & Symptoms Of Insomnia

Signs & Symptoms Of Insomnia - How To Recognize Insomnia Symptoms » Insomnia Symptoms – Recognize The SignsInsomnia is a problem or illness which deprives a person from the amount of sleep which is essential for his / her physical and mental well being.

The number of hours that a person sleeps is not considered while deciding if the person is suffering from insomnia or not as the need for sleep differs from one individual to the other.

The various signs or symptoms that hint at the problem in a person are listed here so that you can identify and treat the problem if you are a victim of it. A person suffering from insomnia will have difficulty falling asleep. Even if you are very tired and need a sound sleep, you will not be able to fall asleep in insomnia.

Not only that, insomnia may cause various breaks in your sleep as you may wake up several times at night. Once a person wakes up abruptly from his / her sleep, he / she will face the problem of going back to sleep. He / she will also experience tiredness and fatigue even if he / she do manage to sleep a good number of hours at night

You will miss the feeling of waking up refreshed and refilled with energy. Waking up too early may also be a sign of insomnia. You may also find yourself taking the help of sleeping pills or alcohol to fall asleep. Without the aid of sleeping pills or alcohol you may find it impossible to fall asleep.

Insomnia also leads to certain other problems apart from those related directly to your sleep. A person suffering from insomnia will feel drowsy during day time and will lack the energy to perform day-to-day activities. He / she will find it difficult to concentrate and focus on work.

He /she will also face difficulty in remembering things as insomnia affects the memory of a person too. The person will face mood fluctuations and may remain irritable throughout the day. The motor coordination of the person can also get affected and become weak due to insomnia.

These are the most common signs of insomnia. You may find most of the symptoms present in a person who is troubled by insomnia or just one or two out of the listed ones. The symptoms of insomnia that are noticeable may vary from person to person.


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