Signs To Indicate Personality Disorder

Signs To Indicate Personality Disorder

Signs To Indicate Personality Disorder - Symptoms of Personality Disorder - Signs of Personality Disorder | Tips on - Find TipsBy personality is meant the signs of either of the lover being narcissistic or having psycho disorders. These symptoms prove to be a ruining factor in relationships and often it is seen that the signs are not easily discernible by their partners because they are not aware.

Partners with personality disorders commit acts which hurt and destroy. They leave an indelible mark on the people who are facing them.

This article presents you with certain signs and symptoms which if detected carefully can help a lot in changing the present scenario of the particular relation.

1. No Feelings Of Guilt- It does not feel in the person’s conscience to feel guilty for any wrong action they have committed. Instead, they blame the partner and make them feel like a ‘victim’ and also try to pose as if they have done nothing wrong.

2. Habitual Manipulation- Manipulation means lying, taking advantage or being sly. They can go to any extent to fulfill their needs without worrying whether it is hurting the other person or not. These people do not seem to harbour any feelings of empathy, that is, they cannot put themselves in other person’s point of view. They are always self-centered.

3. Self Display- The partner may show-off extensively their achievements and accomplishments. They brag about helping people and in return expect a showering of praises and admiration. Such personalities think themselves to be grandiose and that no one can go beyond them. They always display superficial charm and attractiveness and if the lover is more accomplished than them, they put the partner’s down without any sign of remorse.

4. Mentality- People with personality disorder think in the strict terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Such as, in one moment they might be idolizing and love the partner and at other times, degrade the same person without any apparent reason visible but with a weird thinking of their own.

5. Responsibility Sense- Such people have difficulty being responsible in keeping their jobs or maybe looking after their family. They tend to be erratic and display shallow behaviour.

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