Silky Poppies for Winter Garden

Silky Poppies for Winter Garden

Silky Poppies for Winter Garden - Poppy flowers - Poppy flowers for winter - Garden tips for poppies flowers » Silky Poppies for Winter GardenGarden is the most beautiful place of the house and everyone wants to decorate it in the beautiful manner and according to the latest trend. In order to decorate the garden of their house in the superior way people try many things. But flowers are supposed to be the best thing for the decoration of the garden of the in the house. There are several types of flowers available in the markets that are used from time to time for the decoration of the garden.

Poppies are the one which are considered as the best for gardening in the winter season. Poppies are also considered as one of the oldest flower which is helpful in maintaining the beauty of the garden. When it come to the poppy family there are 120 species and more. The second name of the poppies is opium plant. The seeds of the silky poppies are found in the Egyptian crypt. These flowers are available in different colors like blue, yellow, pink and white etc. They are the one which are helpful in decorating the garden in the colorful manner.

These flowers are the one which can easily be grown without any extra care. This is a kind of flower which is somewhat resistant to the pest. The petals of the flowers are having the look alike to the creased silk. The length of these flowers varies from two to three inches. The most pleasing feature of poppy flowers is that they are deep in color with the brilliant shades. The colorful shades in these flowers are also helpful in attracting the butterflies, bees and different types of birds to the garden. They are also very helpful in making the environment of the garden lovely and charming. In addition to that these flowers are also having the additional advantage that they do not require any of the extra manure or the fertilizers other than the minerals present in the soil.

You can fascinate the garden of your home simply by growing these flowers in your garden

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