Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry - Caring for Your Jewelry - Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry - How To Clean Silver Jewelry | Tips on - Find TipsSilver jewelries always need to be handled with care. When exposed to the air, silver becomes easily tarnished, losing the sparkle of the newly bought silver ornament. However, some of you might appreciate the oxidized silver owing to its antique look. But many of us would love to see our silver jewelries shine brightly. Caring for silver jewelries is not a tedious task. You could easily care for your silver at home.

Storing silver jewelries

Don’t keep your silver jewelries in an open space. Silver jewelries should always be kept in a tightly zipped plastic bag. Keeping your silver jewelries with other ornaments in your jewelry box would not only increase the risk of scratches appearing on your silver by rubbing against other rough metals, but even chances of oxidation will increase manifold. Further, silver jewelries should not be kept in wooden, paper and cardboard boxes. The acid present in wood pulps, especially in oaks, tarnishes silver.

Cleaning silver jewelries

For daily cleaning, you should use a soft cloth to prevent scratches. Avoid synthetic cloths, use only cotton or flannel cloth for cleaning silver. You could even buy silver cleaning cloth with anti-tarnishing material to clean your silver jewelries effectively.

You could use a solution of soap and warm water to clean your silver. A child’s toothbrush should be used for gently scrubbing the metal.

Silver cleaners are freely available in the market that could be used for cleaning your silver ornaments. Silver cleaners are available either in the liquid form or as a paste. It is easiest to clean silver with a liquid silver cleaner, known as silver dip. Simply pour the silver dip in a mug and dip your jewelry in the solution. Your silver jewelry will instantly regain its original color. The silver cleaner paste is applied with a soft cloth in a gentle circular motion. When the paste dries, the silver ornament is rinsed in warm water and it once again regains its shine.

To clean your silver ornaments naturally without bothering about scratches, take a pot lined with aluminum foil. Pour eight cups of water in the pot. Add ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of salt and stir it well. Put your silver on the bottom of the pot and let the solution simmer for a few minutes. Put off the flame and keep the pot on the burner for a few minutes. Now strain the solution and rinse your silver in cold water. Your silver jewelry will now look like new.

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