Simple Lipstick Tricks

Simple Lipstick Tricks

Simple Lipstick Tricks - Tips on Lipstick - Tricks on Lipstick - Color of Lipstick | Tips on - Find TipsMost woman agree that, if there is one type of make-up that they could not live without, it would be lipstick. It’s hard to believe that there can be so much pleasure in that little container. Something happens to a woman when she covers her lips with her favorite lipstick, it’s like she suddenly gets an extra infusion of confidence. Not only does she suddenly realize that she is a beautiful individual, she also feels like she can take on the world.

There are some simple lipstick tips that you can use to get even more enjoyment out of your lipsticks.

Storing Your Lipstick

Don’t store your lipsticks in you makeup kit with the rest of your cosmetics. When lipstick is stored at room temperature, it sometimes gets too warm and melts, and we all know that once a lipstick melts it never feels or looks quite the same again.

Shopping for a New Lipstick

When you are going shopping for a new shade of lipstick, you should make sure that you have a napkin in your purse. Since using the tester lipstick on you lips is unhygienic, you should test the color on your hands. Traditionally, women used the back of their hand to test the color of their lipstick. The reality is that you should actually smear a little bit of the lipstick onto one of your fingertips, since they more closely resemble you lips in coloring. The problem with putting lipstick on your fingertips is that it makes if difficult to pick things up, hence the napkin.

Save the Bright Colors

There is something about brightly-colored lipstick that is like a siren’s call. The idea of wearing the bright lipstick all day long is tempting, but you should resist. Save the brightly-colored lipsticks for nights out on the town. During the day you should wear a more neutral color, like nude or a soft pink.

Miscellaneous Tips

On days when you don’t have time to put on your lipstick, you should at least use your lip liner and outline your lips. The lip liner softens your mouth and adds a touch of class.

After putting on your lipstick, you wear some flavorless, colorless lip gloss as a top coat. The lip gloss will add some shine to your lipstick and increase the longevity of your lipstick.

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