Simple Solution to your Biggest Hair Worries

Simple Solution to your Biggest Hair Worries

Simple Solution to your Biggest Hair Worries - Common Hair Problems - Solution to Common Hair Problems - Common Hair Problem Solutions | Tips on - Find TipsHair needs a lot of care and pampering to keep it beautiful and healthy. Seasonal changes often have a negative impact on hair, for example, winter makes it dry and hair flattens out due to lack of moisture.

Here are some common hair problems and their solutions.

How to deal with dry and frizzy hair?

Dry and frizzy hair is the result of a deficiency of moisture. On top of that, if the hair is curly, then it can become unmanageable. You can use anti-frizz gel and blow dry it using a diffuser attachment for curly hair. If you have straight hair, you can start by applying straightening cream and then dividing hair into sections.

You can use very large Velcro rollers. It is less harsh to the hair; however it takes a lot of time. Your hair ends might curl up a little bit.

You can avoid overheating by finger-drying the roots. Resist putting your fingers through your hair if you are drying them naturally, and especially so on humid days.

You can apply this hair mask for a smooth and shiny appearance: one egg, one part mayo and one part olive oil. Leave it for at least half an hour before shampooing and conditioning as usual.

How to deal with greasy hair?

Greasy hair is the result of too much accumulation of oil from oil glands. It goes into the hair follicle and spreads upwards. Oily hair need frequent washing. If you use shine-enhancing products, your hair will end up looking stringy. Avoid creamy conditioners. Use a bit of leave-in conditioner on the ends only.

Use oil-absorbing sheets that you use for your face on your scalp.

What to do about lanky or limp hair?

Use a volumising shampoo and a light conditioner to the ends. You can apply body-boosting spray to your roots. Also, lift sections of your hair with your fingers or a vent brush when you blow-dry.

Use curlers and rollers along with a hood dryer to get a curled-up look. A good holding hairspray should work great to retain the curls.

Lifting the hair at roots and spritzing with light flexible-hold spray will give it some body.

How to deal with porous hair?

Porous hair soaks up just about everything that you put on it. You have porous hair if your hair is frizzy on humid days and flat on dry days. Usually porous hair is coarse. Any hair that has been permed, straightened, coloured or damaged will tend to be porous.

Using a rich conditioner and leaving it in for long will help. Products containing proteins will prove effective for such hair.

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