Simple Ways To Be Green

Simple Ways To Be Green

Simple Ways To Be Green - Go Green - Ways to Go Green - Eco-friendly Stuff | Tips on - Find TipsAdapting green lifestyle is not the fashion of new era, in fact it is the need to save our planet. This idea is quite confusing and daunting to start with, but little changes in our daily routine can actually make a difference. Some of the simple ways are:-

1) Turn off the lights when not in use at home and office as well. Some workers at office don’t feel their responsibility to turn off the lights saying ‘ its not their job’ and kids rely on mothers for all this work at home which is a wrong attitude. When we are living on this planet , it’s our responsibility to save it.

2) Plastic bottles, polythene and many other materials which are
not considered as a eco-friendly stuff and can’t be recycled should not be used.

3) Always use filtered water, this can prevent the buying of plastic

4) When going for a small distance, try to go by walk or by cycle.
Minimum use of private vehicles saves energy.

5) Try to wash your clothes with cold water instead of hot water, saves
the use of geysers and electricity. In turn it prevents the fabric shrinkage too.

6) Donate the unused stuff of your home instead of simply disposing it,
this can help the needy ones and saves environment.

7) Always buy the organic food, it’s good for health and free from

Simple Ways To Be Green - Go Green - Ways to Go Green - Eco-friendly Stuff | Tips on - Find Tips Turn off you computer, radios, TV when not in use.

9) Many household cleaning materials contains toxic products. Always use
non toxic products.

10) Use of CFL bulbs at home and office saves lots of energy.

11) Try to plant indoor plants at home, doing this can prevent pollution
at home.

There are endless ways to go green. This is an combined effort to save
our planet and make it a safer and happier place. So let’s join our
hands together, and explore more ideas to prevent further damage to our

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