Single Woman

Single Woman

Single Woman - Independent Women - Women Issues » Single woman, a blessing in disguiseWhen the word single women come in anyone’s mind, the person thinks about a woman who is divorced or not wedded or betrothed or widowed. As you know that it is mid-21st century where new traditions and customs are in run. The mentality of people is going to be broader than before and here is no one who likes to accept old and backward ideas. Today, feminism has put down its roots and is at risk of an encompassing universe.

Today, women are independent and capable to live their life as being single. They are living their life with dignity and grace without any interference of other gender. However, for being single women never gets psychological support from their parents.

“Life worth more as being single” is a new trend. Women are single even though they are happy because they consider independence as the mantra of their joyful life. Now-a-days, society has accepted the trend of “Being single and live happily”. Women’s minds get entertained by the thought of life without marriage. Today, women are professional and career oriented, they are living successful life in their profession. They are intelligent, beautiful and enough bold to live their life without any support.

However, urban society has not at all been kind to the single women. It is very awful to study that how complicated for a single woman to rent an apartment or a room in urban areas. So, in order to get accommodation, women are forced to lie or create a fake spouse in order to live their life with female independence and integrity. However, sometime their life turns into a hell when they receive unwanted attention from males especially from their colleagues and friends; it may also be regular blank calls and stares that makes them panic.

As the thinking and mentality of people is changed to a high extend, still society is not completely ready to accept single and independent women. Society believes that single women are bold and independent but still they require support of a man in most of the ups and downs of the life. Therefore, women have to compromise with their thinking of being single. Cities can give women their economic independence but they are not ready to accept their wholeness of complex lives.

Today, professional women can fulfill their necessities and requirements. They want to live independently as well as freely, thus they do not consider marriages as an important aspect of their happy and comfortable life.

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