Skin care for dogs | Tips on

Skin care for dogs | Tips on

Skin care for dogs | Tips on - Find TipsAre you a dog lover who has one or more dogs in your home? You are then obviously aware about the health problems of your pet, especially their skin problems. Skin problems among dogs are very common. Inflammation, reddening of skin, hair loss and dermatitis make dogs suffer a lot, creating irritations and itching. You might also find your pet suffering from dandruff, flea, ticks and scaly skins.

The best way to prevent skin problems of your pet is to follow a regular effective cleaning routine.

You should brush your dog properly everyday. Regular brushing removes dead hairs and dandruffs from the coat. It also helps spreading the natural body oil evenly throughout the coat making the skin silky. The enhanced blood circulation facilitated by good brushing gives the pet a healthy skin. Short haired dogs could be brushed at least once a week but for the long haired pets daily brushing is recommended to prevent the hairs from entangling.

As and when required, give your dog a nice bath. The frequency of the bath will depend on the breed of your dog, the condition of the coat and the weather condition. However, do not bathe your dog everyday as it might create more problems for your pet by making the skin too dry.

The shampoo that you use for bathing your pet should be carefully chosen. Do not apply human shampoos on your pet. Make sure that the shampoo is specifically recommended for dogs and are not harsh for their coats. Medicated shampoos dedicated to specific skin conditions, such as flea shampoo, are widely available. Medicated creme rinses are also used for cleaning dogs.

You can make herbal dog shampoo at home for your pet. Make a solution of Aloe Vera gel and water and rub it gently on your dog’s body. Besides cleaning your pet, this herbal shampoo will also make the hair on your pet’s coat silky.

Consult your Vet
As soon as you discover eruptions on your pet’s skin have that treated immediately.

Since you are the master of your pet, it is your duty to see that your dog remains happy and healthy.

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