Skin Care for Women Over 40

Skin Care for Women Over 40

Skin Care for Women Over 40 - Over 40 Skincare - Skin Care for Women - Skin Care for Over 40 Women | Tips on - Find TipsAt 40 your skin is no longer like it used to be at 20 or even in the mid 30s. Therefore, you will need to change whatever skin care regimen you have been following and take up a care that will address your current requirements. With an appropriate method you, too, can have a glowing complexion and look sexy at 40!

Here are a must dos to help achieve the effect:

1. Do not just rush to buy any product that you hear of. Find out if it is suitable for your skin type or it will do you more harm than any good. You might end up having more skin problems than ever.

2. Increase your fluid intake as that will help to flush out toxins and help you stay hydrated which is very essential for keeping your skin supple.

3. The main cause of your looking aged is wrinkles and pigmentation. The sun is responsible for destroying that suppleness of your skin. Use a sunscreen with proper SPF to protect your skin against the UV rays and pollution. Also make sure that it suits your skin type. For dry skin use a cream-based instead of an alcohol-based product and for oily skin use liquid gels.

4. Smoking and passive smoking increase the problem of wrinkles as they reduce Vitamin C in the body, which is responsible for making the skin look bright and healthy. Alcohol increases the flow of blood in the blood vessels present in the face; thereby making you look all the more aged.

5. Cleanse your face and neck everyday at least twice with a mild face wash. Use a night cream on the neck and throat every night before going to bed. The massage strokes must begin from the collarbone and end at the jaws.

6. Try to keep the stress level down as this can hamper your looks by making it look more aged. Practice meditation, yoga or light free hand exercises to reduce stress.

7. Sleep at least for 8 hours every night. Sleep deprivation can give rise to dark circles, puffiness of the face or eyes or even wrinkles. It would be best if you can finish your dinner at least 2 hours before calling it a day.

8. Get a facial done at least once a month. Clay-based facial is good for oily and acne-prone skin while cream-based facial is good for dry skin.

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