Skin Care in Winter

Skin Care in Winter

Skin Care in Winter - Winter Skin Care Tips - Maintain Healthy Skin During Winter » Help For Dry Winter SkinRough, dull, flaky skin with frequent itching and cracking is very common in winters when the environmental humidity is low. . The cold winter air proves harsh on one’s sensitive skin as it pulls out moisture from the skin making it dry and dull. If you already have dry skin, then it becomes all the more essential for you to take extra care of your skin so as to keep it moisturized and healthy Given below are some healthy tips which would help in retaining the moisture of the skin thereby preventing it from the harsh effects of winter air.

Healthy diet is the most common yet the most effective requirement for the nourishment of skin. Our skin primarily demands intake of plenty of water and fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the green ones. Avoid too much intake of water as it depresses the immune system and leads to more wrinkling of the skin. Similarly, cut down on too much caffeine which is contained in tea and coffee as they have a tendency of dehydrating the body thereby sucking the natural moisture from the skin. Omega fatty acids are considered as a boon for skin as they help a person in possessing smooth, glowing and a radiant skin. It is a known fact that people who ate fish-eaters are blessed with beautiful skin. The reason behind this is that fish contains good quality fats which help in naturally moisturizing one’s skin.

Along with proper diet, one needs to take extra care of one’s skin during winters to prevent it from scaling and drying. This includes washing face with warm water- but don’t use too hot water as it would dry up the skin. Don’t use harsh cleansers for skin and facial moisturizers with almond oil, green tea oil or shea butter as ingredients can be beneficial for the skin. When outdoors, ensure covering your face and skin with layers of clothing so as to protect the skin from cold, drying winds. Last but definitely not the least, exercise can prove extremely beneficial not only for the overall health of one’s body but also for the healthy glow of one’s skin.

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