Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips - Winter Face Masks - Best Face Masks - Face Beauty Mask | Fashion & BeautyAs a typical beauty routine, exfoliation should be followed by the application of a beauty mask, to close the pores and make no way for pimples and blackheads to appear. Yes, face masks do just that, and more, to keep the skin looking young and glowing.

Face masks have achieved a new place in the cosmetic industry with products now available for all skin types and with a variety of ingredients aimed at some particular something, like oily skin or zits. Take your skin to the next level by pampering it with face masks a couple of times a week!

The guide to getting a face mask is knowing about your skin, what will it treat and what will suit the skin best. For example, nowadays, face masks are aimed at a variety of stuff like wrinkles, fine lines, oily skin, rough skin and even large pores and damage from the sun. Masks then address these issues with the following categories : moisturizing, clarifying and revitalizing.

1. Moisturizing Masks: They are typically formulated for skin which essentially needs hydration , and are mostly suited for dry and normal skin. Dead skin cells are removed, to reveal a fresh layer of skin which has a supple tone and texture. Like most masks, moisturizing masks help in removing the natural impurities from the skin like dust and even residue from the products applied there. Collagen and beta-carotenes are a vital ingredient in most masks of this type, as they help in bringing back the elasticity of the skin. Aloe vera and collagen also target pre- mature aging.

2. Revitalizing Masks: They are most suited for oily skin as they eliminate excess sebum, control breakouts, remove impurities , exfoliate dead skin cells effectively and polish the skin, giving it a healthy natural glow! Revitalising masks also help in reduce the appearance of large pores on the skin which secrete oil.

Revitalizing masks for dry and normal skin work towards stimulating circulation and their ingredients like glycerin, jojoba oil etc. make the skin soft and supple.

3. Clarifying Masks: They deep-clean the skin with active ingredients like sulfur and salicylic acid, which helps in removing blemishes from the skin. They hydrate the skin, give it a oil-free texture . Plus, they exfoliate the skin too, removing dull dead cells giving it a fresh glow, and immediate results are most often seen!

Apply facial masks on cleansed skin and let it dry. Rinse immediately and apply moisturizing lotion to keep it hydrated!

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