Skin Cologne

Skin Cologne

Skin Cologne - Man Cologne - Different Types Of Skin - How To Apply Cologne » The Cologne for Your Skin TypeThere are two things that determine a man’s choice of cologne. There are those who go for the same old stuff they know from high school. There are also those who go for what smells good to them at the time they are at the departmental store. But there is one thing to consider when choosing cologne – that is your skin. There are colognes that are suitable for different skin types.

Oily skin
Those who have oily skin must go for lighter fragrances. This is because the extra oil on the skin interacts very well with cologne to produce long lasting and more powerful scents. Sweat which is common in oily skin can in the same way combine with cologne to give bad odour. If you are in this group don’t use cologne too frequently during the day. The best colognes for people in this category are those made for summer.

Dry skin
Cologne dries faster on dry skin than on oily skin. This means that those with dry skin should apply it more often. But the chemicals can damage sensitive skins. The way out is that if you are in this group, go for cologne designed for winter. They are stronger in fragrance and formulated to last longer on dryer skins during the winter. This avoids frequent reapplication.

Sensitive skin
It is dangerous for those with sensitive skin to wear strong cologne with other potent skin products. Those prone to conditions like acne and rashes must refrain from using cologne with aftershaves that are strong and other body balms and sprays. There could be allergic reactions. Those with sensitive skin can follow the same guidelines as those with dry skin. In addition, read the ingredients to make sure that there are not any synthetic fragrances.

Where to apply cologne
There are certain areas of the body where cologne could be applied for optimum results. These are the wrist, the neck, the chest or the sides of the neck. Choose any two of this spots. Applying cologne to any of this spots makes it to react with the natural oils of the body because they are pulse points.

Make sure it is only those who get close to you who smell your cologne.

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