Sleep Habits

Sleep Habits

Sleep Habits - Tips for Healthy Sleeping Habits - Sleep Deprivation Effects - Sleep Disorder Symptoms » Sleep Habits and Human HealthThere are people who sleep and find bliss; there are those who consider sleeping a waste of their precious time. Some are capable of dozing off for double digit hours a day, while some hardly consider nights as being meant for sleeping. So, what would be the best time to sleep?

And how is sleep likely to have an impact on human health? Is sleep really worth all the research being done in sleep labs? Is sleep disorder actually a matter of concern at all? Does deep sleep mean anything different from sleep deprivation?

To be sure, if you are a mobile phone, sleep is its recharge. Yes, these days, you could charge a mobile as little as once in a few days; but, as you would appreciate, the human being is a primitive design with not many new versions out there. That makes you an outdated mobile phone alright, but the fact remains that you need to get yourself recharged on a regular basis. And the normal recharge time is specified to be around 6 hours. If you were used to sleeping for 8 hours a day as a kid, you need to realize that you have now grown up.

However, if you recharge less, you would have less talking time. In the case of a human body, consistent sleep for less than 6 hours also damages the hardware – it is found that people sleeping for less than 6 hours a day regularly are at an increased risk of diabetes mellitus. Further, enjoying a deep sleep when you sleep would mean you are a blessed soul. Research suggests that men are not deep sleepers and tend to be light on their downtime; naturally, women are more blessed.

However, women may be able to get away with lesser sleep than men – and that’s because of their deep slumber. It would, anyway, help to sleep deep for a healthy body. Some practices such as meditation and techniques that would keep the mind calm would aid in deep sleep. A short nap during the day is as good as a good night’s sleep. And it is also suggested that you go for a heavy round of sleep if you know that you have a tight schedule ahead – just as you would have your mobile fully charged before you go on a long tour.

Sleep does play an important part in our lives and a good sleeping habit at regular times helps in warding off heart diseases. So, if you hadn’t given sleep a serious thought, do it – after a nap!

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