Sleep Problems Common In Kids With ADHD

Sleep Problems Common In Kids With ADHD

Sleep Problems Common In Kids With ADHD - Common Symptoms In Children With Attention Deficit HyperactivityAttention Deficit Hyper- Activity Disorder is very common among kids and affects 5% of the human population. Some of them turn into cases which require treatment and proper guidance before they can combat this disorder.

A new study has revealed that even moderate sleep deprivation in kids with ADHD can affect their ability to concentrate and remain vigilant. Sleep deprivation of even an hour for a week will increase their symptoms drastically. Sleep deprivation can adversely affect their academic performance in the long run.

Moderate sleep deprivation in children with ADHD plays havoc with their neurological functioning and lead to a negative impact on their whole performance. It is very essential for kids with Attention Deficit Hyper- Activity Disorder to have a set time table to follow in order to keep them functioning well and avoid more distinct attention problems. Moderate sleep deprivation, staying up late some days for doing things they enjoy, staying up late for doing projects and class work etc. can affect their academic performance adversely.

Attention Deficit Hyper- Activity Disorder and Sleep

The Link Children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyper- Activity Disorder often already have sleep disorders associated with this condition. The sleep disorders manifest itself in many forms like trouble falling asleep, waking up frequently at night, night terrors etc. This explains why even moderate sleep deprivation or change in schedule can adversely affect their ability to be vigilant and alert. Children, as a rule require at least eight hours of sleep. So when these disorders along with a change in schedule bombard them, everything goes hunky dory.

How to Combat Sleep Disorders associated with ADHD

Children with ADHD need a scheduled timetable and a calm and peaceful environment to sleep without disturbance. Children with ADHD should be put in a bedroom where there is no disturbance that can affect their sleep. The bed must be very comfortable to aid sleep. Make sure that you keep a set bed time routine that your child can follow in order to facilitate good sleep. Establishing a constant routine for bedtime will make sure that the child will have a set time to follow every day.

Apart from that you have to ensure that your child should not stay up late for any sort of activities, be it doing their homework, playing games or some other activity that will deprive their sleep or change their sleep timings. Children with Attention Deficit Hyper- Activity Disorder must not specifically be allowed to use the computer or play online games just before sleep. This could result in over stimulation of the brain and resultant sleep problems, thereby aggravating Attention Deficit Hyper- Activity Disorder symptoms.

Soothing them to sleep by engaging in pleasing activities with the child like a bed time story telling session, singing songs and holding them and stroking them to sleep are good ways to give them a good sleep. Electronic devices like TV, Computer etc. must be removed from a child’s room to avoid distractions during sleep.

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