Snooki To Be Dropped In Ball In Times Square New Year's Eve

Snooki To Be Dropped In Ball In Times Square New Year's Eve

Snooki To Be Dropped In Ball In Times Square New YearNicole Polizzi from MTV’s popular show “Jersey Shore”, who is popularly known as “Snooki” will be featuring in the highlight of its 2010 MTV New Year Bash by descending in the middle of Times Square in a crystal ball, durin the New Year’s Eve celebrations being held there. Snooki best described as the rotund and bubbly trouble maker on MTV’s hit reality show “Jersey Shore” will be joined by her co-stars on the show, Paul DelVecchio a.k.a DJ Pauly D and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

Snooki, known for her petite yet chubby frame manages to grab eyeballs as well as attention on the TV show via her antics and lead role in “fist pumping”. It is not a surprise that MTV chose Snooki to be the maiden of honour to sit inside the illuminated Waterford crystal ball that drops at midnight on New Year’s Eve to signal that the New Year has begun. Snooki is expected to sit inside the crystal ball as it is lowered, the ball measure 12 feet in diameter and the joke doing the rounds is whether Snooki will be able to fit into the ball with her plump frame.

Waiting in the ground to receive her, Mike “The Situation” Sorretino and DJ Pauly D have also been chosen due to their popularity out of all the members of the cast of Jersey Shore. Recently evicted from Dancing With the Stars, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, grabbed eyeballs and also managed to get the audience to collapse in fits of laughter thanks to his ridiculously stiff body and robotic dance moves.

Snooki manages to stay in the news, whether it is getting artificial tans which border on the colour orange or by creating minor disturbances on the beach. This September Snooki was apprehended by the police for disturbing the peace and quiet of the beach and for intruding on other people’s right to enjoy the strip of beach as quiet walkway. Snooki was sentenced to two days of community service and a $500 fine. The judge also termed Snooki’s as a Lindsay Lohan wannabe who wanted to gather attention with her rude and offensive behavior.

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