Snoring Symptoms

Snoring Symptoms

Snoring Symptoms - How To Stop Snoring - Sleep Apnea Cause - Breathing While Sleeping » Stop SnoringEveryone laughs when someone says that you snore. If you only have a mild case of snoring than it may not be of any concern. The snoring becomes a problem and an issue if the snoring cuts off your breathing your some other symptoms.

The reason that you snore is because the uvula vibrates when you breathe in. Unfortunately, more serious cases of snoring are called sleep apnea. Men seem to have more of a problem with this than women.

There are many reasons that can cause us to snore. Our weight, the way we live and smoking are just a few of the factors. Lack of exercise is also a factor, hence the weight issue.

By changing your lifestyle you can make a difference in your snoring habits. If you are over weight, change your diet and drop a few pounds. Having too much weight on your body can obstruct your breathing while sleeping and cause you to lose your breath. Simply by changing your diet you can cut back on the snore.

Smoking is another leading cause for snoring. Cigarette smoke blocks the air way and causes swelling tissue in the throat, nose and blocks the vessels in your lungs. All of these reasons are enough all by themselves to tell you it is time to give up the habit.

Believe it or not, drinking alcohol can also play a factor in snoring. Alcohol actually causes airway restriction by causing you to relax too much while sleeping.

In order to keep your snoring down to a minimum, simply change your lifestyle. We change our habits to impress women, the way we dress to get a job and we even change the way we talk or act to make our moms happy.

Simply giving up bad habits such as smoking, drinking too much or eating the wrong things are not only healthy for you but will help cure your sleep apnea. If for some reason these changes do not make a difference, see your doctor as there may be something more serious going on. Sleep snore free.

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