Socks Rules

Socks Rules

Socks Rules - How To Choose The Right Socks - How To Match Socks To Your Outfit » Simple Sock RulesMany men wear the wrong kind of socks, and spoil completely reasonable outfits. If you want to carry off a fashionable and well-dressed look about you all the time, avoid wearing inappropriately matched socks so you don’t end up in the annual worst dressed males’ list! You can do this easily by reading and following some of our simple socks-matching tips as given below!

To look stylish, remember some socks are only for special occasions; the colors of your socks should also complement your specific outfits. You won’t sabotage your style by learning how to follow simple sock rules and also feel comfortable about wearing socks that are currently in vogue, e.g. natural fiber ones for regular wear, lycra and silk mixes for parties, pure organic cotton weaves besides branded sports socks for casual events etc.

Don’t wear white socks with every outfit; this is the biggest fashion blunder many men make. Remember, white socks are only well-matched with sport clothes and while doing sporting activities; also, sport socks teamed with a formal black suit are an absolute no-no! They’ll give a very bad impression of your fashion sense and destroy a stylish look. So, don’t wear white socks with dark clothes, instead wear them for the gym session.

Likewise, wear black socks with jeans or for non-sweaty activities, party or casual, fun outings, reserving white socks for gym sessions.

Another sock rule is to match formal socks with dress shoes and avoid athletic socks with the same as whatever their color, sports socks are typically made of heavier cotton or other thicker materials so tend to bunch out over shoes and spoil their shape and fit.

Not only do dress socks fit better with formal shoes, they are also easy to slip in and out of! Also, match socks with pants rather than simply with shoes; e.g. black socks with black pants and brown socks with brown pants etc. so that, when you take your shoes off or sit down and your socks are exposed, they match with your pants and make your outfit appear color-coordinated!

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