Softer Hands

Softer Hands

Softer Hands - Importance Of Hands - Get Rid Of Dryness - Vaseline Petroleum Jelly » Tips for Softer HandsWhen we think about daily beauty care, we often tend to neglect the importance of hands. Hands often take the maximum wear and tear due to performance of daily chores. Moreover, dry winter season makes the hand dry and rough. Given below are some tips which will help you attain much desirable softer hands.

No one would like to move around with rough and dry hands. You no longer need to do so too. If you are unable to find any appropriate cream or moisturizer which can keep your hands soft and supple, here are some natural ways of doing it. Take 2 tablespoons of sugar, baby oil and liquid soap. Pour baby oil and sugar enough to cover hands, rub your hands and then pour a little liquid soap to wash it clean. You will feel your hands much softer and nourished than before. To slough off dead skin, you can use a mixture of salt and lemon. You can also soak your hands in a mixture made by mixing ½ cup of warm water, 2 tsp sugar, 2 tsp plain yogurt and few drops of lavender essential oil. A massage with this mixture can help your hands get rid of dryness and roughness and instead get soft and moisturized hands. A very simple and effective method is to apply a rich hand cream or petroleum jelly (Vaseline or generic) at night. You should then wear gloves over them while you sleep so as to lock the moisture in. the next morning you will find waking up with much softer hands. If you are suffering from rough hands due to dish washing, you can add a little almond oil to dishwater. Also spraying your hands with a mist of vinegar after washing utensils can be of great help.

Follow these simple steps and work your way towards much softer and nourished hands.

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