Some Facts About Postnatal Exercises

Some Facts About Postnatal Exercises

Some Facts About Postnatal Exercises - Postnatal exercises - Benefits of postnatal workouts - Postnatal Workout | Tips on - Find TipsAfter childbirth, you will suddenly discover that your once tight belly appears like a deflated balloon. To get back to shape you might be tempted to join a gym. Although, post-natal exercises is imminent for moms to regain shape, but they should cautiously proceed with the exercises.

When to exercise

You should not immediately jump to an exercising schedule soon after childbirth. You should wait for at least six weeks. Before joining an exercise program, you should consult your doctor. If you are patient enough to wait for six weeks, you will notice that your uterus is gradually contracting to its original shape.

The speed of contraction will increase with breastfeeding. Postnatal workouts will help to expedite the process. These exercises are necessary to tone your muscles and give you the strength needed to handle the hectic schedule of nursing and caring your child.

Benefits of postnatal workouts

Besides helping you to return to your pre-pregnancy shape, postnatal workouts are also important for the mental health of mothers. It helps in relieving post-pregnancy stress, which is responsible for postnatal depressions or baby blue.

Postnatal exercising safety

Since with milk production, the size of breast is now larger than normal, you should wear a good support bra. Don’t involve yourself in any high impact sporting action. You may hurt your pelvic joints and ligaments, which have become slack after pregnancy. In the initial postnatal stage, you should not do any strenuous abdominal exercise. In several cases, the abdominals separate due to the excess pressure of the baby during pregnancy. The condition, known as diastasis recti, should be cured, before you start exercising.

Before beginning your workouts, you should drink plenty of water. If you feel tired, immediately stop exercising. Strenuous postnatal workout schedules might cause nausea, lightheadedness and change in the color of vaginal discharge.

Postnatal exercise

You should not loose weight too quickly in the first year of your baby’s birth. Your aim should be to shed not more than half a kilo every week. You can start with walking and swimming or some light aerobic exercises. In the initial months, workouts should be focused on your arms and legs. You can exercise for half an hour, three to five times every week.

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