Some Thoughts On Balding And Hair Loss

Some Thoughts On Balding And Hair Loss

Some Thoughts On Balding And Hair Loss - Hair Care Advice - Use Shampoo And Conditioner » Some Thoughts On Balding And Hair LossIn a mans world it would be a question of vanity if you are fretting over a receding hair line. Men suffer balding as a general rule. So do not let it turn your world around. Yes one would like to have that full head of hair but if that’s not to be then it’s not to be! Of course today’s younger generation are having a hard time as over the last decade we have had so many hair products coming out that men have gone over-board. Over washing their hair, using highly advertised shampoos and conditioners has in fact damaged their hair from over use. So guys be careful. You do not have to shampoo that hair every day. It’s every third day.

Basic hair care starts with clean hair goes without overstating. It’s too much that is damaging. The scalp produces an oily substance called sebum, which coats each hair and keeps it looking shiny and soft. Shampoos are designed to remove the excess oil, grease, and dirt and to exfoliate the skin cells that clog and suffocate the hair follicles. It is important to choose the shampoo according to your hair type.

If you are cracking over the subject next time, visit a good hair saloon and take their advice. It is advised never to comb or brush wet hair. Combing wet hair places a lot of tension on the hair and you will only damage the hair. Chances are you will find the hair breaking. It is best to dry your hair with a gentle rub down with a good clean towel and then run your hand thought it till it is dry. Only now, get the comb out. Once a week it is advised you oil your hair for 4 hrs before washing it.

For those who have mot managed to keep that crop of hair all glossed up and now find your hair line receding. It would be best to get a short hair cut. Yes, a really good short cut more like a crew cut is what is best for men with a receding hair line. Many men use the shaved head to good effect. Try it out. I do not recommend wigs they are extremely expensive. Weaves are equally expensive and till date have not proved a very good alternative.

By the way, vanity is described in the dictionary as excessive pride, especially in personal appearance

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