Some Tips To Maintain Personal Hygiene

Some Tips To Maintain Personal Hygiene

Some Tips To Maintain Personal Hygiene - How To Maintain Personal Hygiene - Tips for Personal Hygiene - Maintain Personal Hygiene | Tips on - Find TipsThis article goes out for women especially.

For women, personal hygiene should be of utmost concern. A healthy body gives a healthy mind. Everyday pollution coupled with stress leaves women with very little time to spend on their own but hygiene should never be compromised.

1. Take Bath Daily

It is necessary to remove body odors caused due to an excessive growth of bacteria. Our body emits some natural odors but the odor of sweat is a complete turn off! Drink lots of water to flush out the sweat particles.

2. Keep Private Parts Clean

Know that the vagina is where all the body heat gets stored. So it is important to clean daily with soft cloths. Don’t apply any chemical solutions. Vagina is naturally odorless; bad odor from vagina is a sign of trouble, such as vaginal infections.

3. Wash Hands

Unclean hands contain billions of germs if you see under a microscope. Problems like colds, coughs or gastroenteritis develop from unclean hands. Wash hands before eating, before cooking, after toilet, and after touching any pets even if they are well maintained.

4. Menstruation

Change sanitary napkins at least four times daily even though they have the soaking capacity of 10 hours minimum. Wash the vagina every time you change napkins as they will remove the odor coming from impure blood. Keep your body clean especially during this state. Wash hands with mild soap after changing napkins.

5. Reduce Chemical Usage

Most beauty products contain harmful chemicals. Excessive usage of chemicals spoils the skin, one of the first signs being redness and rashes. Buy herbal products or use homemade solutions.

6. Clothing

Change your innerwear daily and if possible, twice a day. Dirt accumulated throughout the day induces growth of germs and other diseases. Always wear washed and ironed clothes.

7. Sexual Health

Use condoms for protected sex. You may never know when you contract a HIV virus. Also, condoms protect from infections.

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