Some Tricky Interview Questions Answered

Some Tricky Interview Questions Answered

Some Tricky Interview Questions Answered - Tricky Interview Questions - How to Answer Tricky Job Interview Questions | Tips on - Find TipsWhat is the salary you expect?

For this you should have done a small market research on the company and already know how much salary generally they pay for your post. If you have not done this, then say as per the company standards or if you have already been working somewhere else, generally you get a 30 to 40% hike on your previous salary. In rear cases you are offered 60 to 100% hike also. Depends upon your ability and how you present yourself and how productive you could be for the company.

Being a manager did you fire anybody?

If you have done this job, nothing wrong if you confess it, if you had proper reasons to support your decision and also make sure to tell that you filled up the gap with a more efficient and competent person.

Would you like to retire right now if you had enough money?

Your answer should be a sure no. You should always make the interviewer realize that money is not everything in life. Being busy and productive in life is very important. So don’t hesitate to tell that you want to work until the day you feel and your company feels that you are productive to the company.

Explain how you would be productive to the company if you are hired?

This question is very nice. So answer it whole heartedly explaining all the factors that you would do for the upcoming of the company.

When do you get irritated the most?

Answer it well. Say that when your colleague or a worker working under you, is not being productive enough and is wasting time and precious money of the company, then you get irritated the most.

Are you sure you would do well in this job?

You should support this question with a lot of your previous experiences, your experience, expertise, interests and skills.

Would you like to give a bond with us?

Generally if you are a fresher this is very common, but if you have experience it is not worth to give a bond, because there will be a lot of legalities involved if you want to quit the company before hand.

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