Sore Throat Causes

Sore Throat Causes

Sore Throat Causes - Cure Sore Throat - Sore Throat | Health & FoodSore throats have irritated all of us at some time or the other. But what is sore throat? It is actually the inflammation of the parts of throat like the larynx, pharynx and the tonsils. The ordinary sore throat problems usually do not last more than 3 days at a stretch and they are generally due to cold or flu. But if the inflammation stays on for more than 3 days then it is considered serious and the cause is then found out. When coughing is associated with sore throat, the irritation and suffering increases.

Sore throat is caused by various factors but the common causes are infections, both viral and bacterial. So you have sore throats when you have diseases like measles, whooping cough, glandular fever, chicken pox. This is apart from the infections of tonsil and laryngitis. Also one must be careful during the winter months because most of the times the diseases spread at this time. You should also be careful because if the sore throat is the result of infections the infection may spread through cough, shared drinks, kissing, nose blowing, sneezing, etc.

Most of the time, the infections are caused by virus and these include flu and cold. This is also responsible for further infections from bacteria because the immunity system gets weakened. The bacterial infections can be more severe like tonsillitis and other infections of the ear and throat. In tonsillitis the tonsils turn red, gets swollen and in some severe cases they form pus filled sores. Strep throat is also a cause of sore throat. Pollution and allergy are other major causes of sore throat. Smoking and physical strain of the vocal chord can result in sore throat too.

To get relief from sore throat you can try gargling with lukewarm salt solutions. Drink plenty of water or any non-alcoholic drinks, suck throat soothing lozenges and throat sprays. If you can avoid smoking and limit the intake of alcohol then there is a chance of not catching sore throat. Normally there is no requirement of medicines in case of sore throats due to common cold. But when it is the result of some bacterial infection then there is a requirement of antibiotics.

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