Souffle Delights

Souffle Delights

Souffle Delights - Chocolate Souffle - Souffle, Peach Soufflé, Blackberry Soufflé, Banana Coffee Soufflé » Souffle delightsSouffle melts in your mouth leaving a lingering fruity flavor and a longing for more. It is very easy to master this lofty, fluffy dish whit the help of which you can fool your guest easily. Mind it, it is a heavenly sweet dish loved by all age-groups. Here are some mouth watering soufflé dishes, read it!

Peach soufflé
5 eggs (separate yolks from whites), 420gms castor suar, 1 kg whipped cream, 4 peaches, 100ml water

Add 100 gms and egg yolk to the water and whisk thoroughly. Put the mixture into a double boiler and cook till it reaches the consistency of custard. Beat egg white and sugar till they get stiff. Finely chop the peaches. Mix egg yolk mixture with the cream and peaches, and set in refrigerator for one hour. Garnish with chocolate and peach slices and add a dash of berry sauce.

Blackberry soufflé
8eggs,100 gms blackberries,100 gms milk,500gms whipped ream,100 gms glucose,300 gms castor sugar,320 gms regular sugar.

Dissolve glucose in milk, add granulate sugar and cook in double boiler till it reaches custard like consistency. Beat egg whites till stiff, adding castor sugar gradually. Cook blackberries in the pan till they ooze water and take it off the gas. Mix glucose mixture, egg white, cream and blackberries together and set in individual moulds. Garnish with glazed gel chocolate, blackberries and a mint leaf.

Banana-coffee soufflé
6 eggs(separate yolks from whites),6 bananas ,15 gms coffee,500 gms cream,100ml custard sauce,15 ms gelatin,50 gms castor sugar.

Whip egg white with sugar till stiff. Puree the bananas in a blender. Dissolve coffee in little water and mix with puree. Melt gelatin in 20 ml water. Mix in cream, custard sauce, stiff egg whites, bananas puree and keep whipping it together until it reaches custard-like consistency. Set in individual moulds or decorative glass bowls. Serve with a sprinkling of coffee power, coffee beans and garnish with a slice of banana.

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