Soups And Snacks

Soups And Snacks

Soups And Snacks - How to Prepare Spinach Quiche - How to Prepare Potato Soup - How to Prepare Sicilian Spicy Pasta | Tips on - Find TipsSpinach Quiche

Cooking Time: 30 minutes


½ kg of blanched spinach leaves;

150 grams of flour;

75 gram of butter cubes;

Cold water- 2-3 tbsp;

1 egg yolk

For The Filling:

25 gram of butter;

2 eggs;

2 yolks;

250 ml of milk or cream;

3-4 tbsp sliced spring onions;

Nutmeg powder;

50-55 grams of grated fine quality cheese;

Salt and pepper to taste

Method Of Preparation:

1. For the pastry: knead the flour with the butter until bread crumb like consistency. Then add the egg yolk and water, knead finely turning the mixture smooth. Let it cool and dole out to line in an 8’’ flan dish.

2. For the filling: in a pan, put butter and the sliced spring onions to soften it. Then add the rest of the ingredients. At the end, pour the mixture into the doled out flour and bake at 190 degree Celsius until soft.

Potato Soup

Cooking Time: 30 minutes


5-6 medium size baking potatoes;

12 sliced cooked, crumbled and divided bacon;

1 pkt sour cream;

Cheddar cheese;

2/3 cup of flour;

½ cup of margarine;

3-4 onions finely chopped;

A cup of milk or more as per the thickness required;

Salt and pepper according to taste;

Method Of Preparation:

1. Boil or bake the potatoes until soft.

2. Scoop the inner of the potatoes and discard the skin.

3. In a pan, melt the margarine and add the flour. Keep stirring continuously.

4. Little by little, add the milk. Bring the mixture to a boil on medium heat.

5. Finally add the remaining- potato pulp, onions, cheese, salt and pepper.

6. When fully heated, add the sour cream and more milk if necessary.

7. Serve with bacon, cheese and onion.

Sicilian Spicy Pasta

Cooking Time: 30 minutes


A cup of any type of boiled pasta;

½ cup of broccoli;

2 tsp chopped garlic;

1 tsp chopped red chilies;


1 tsp grated cheese;

Salt and pepper to taste

Method Of Preparation:

1. Sauté the garlic in a pan.

2. Mix in the red chilies, salt, broccoli and pepper.

3. Cook for few minutes and add the boiled pasta with the cheese.

4. Cook again for few minutes and serve hot.

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