Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development - Living A Spiritual Lifestyle » Spiritual DevelopmentSpirituality is a choice of a person to know his physical world. For some turning towards nature may be spiritual, but for some others chanting hymns and meditation may be spiritual. The fact is that it is a lifestyle, like being an atheist or a Christian or something else.Â

All of us are spiritual, since we are somebody. By being spiritual it doesn’t mean that you are a breed apart, that you will see things which others never did and that you will be very wise. This may be spiritual to some people, but being somebody itself is spiritual for others.

Spirituality goes with simplicity. Many spiritually awakened people live simple lives and spirituality is a lifestyle of our making. It is a kind of path we have chosen to tread.

Spirituality is imbibed in human lives. When we choose to be spiritual, it is only a chosen lifestyle. We are only showing to the world that we are more spiritually aware, by connecting to spirit.

When you say a particular person is spiritual, or really spiritual, you are implying that he is connected to the spirit and thus he is more aware of the spirit. Remember, we are a spirit first, having a physical skill. We have come to this world prepared for a physical experience. Being spirit, which is a thing, is different from being spiritual, a physical experience.

Spirituality doesn’t give us psychic ability. There are people with such abilities who are not living a spiritual life. The so-called abilities of the Psychic are physical aspects, since you can feel, hear, smell and taste them. Since they are mere extension of our everyday lives, they can be experienced by all. When you are spiritual, you are being natural.

Spirituality, spiritual and spirit are different things, connected by the physical know-how and our opinion about them.

Discover the fact that it is you who is the reason for the life’s state of affairs and you alone can change it. Don’t be misled by anyone saying that they know better and that theirs is the only way. Your destiny and your purpose are not known to anyone else.

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