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Sports Bras

Sports Bras - Womens Sports Bras - Cup Size Bra - Correct Bra Size » Sports Bras – Sweat Those BoobsWhat are sports bras?

Sports bras are designed to support a woman’s breast during strenuous physical activity and allow for the evaporation of sweat.

Why should a women wear a sports bra during strenuous physical activity?

The reason is partly due to the fact when a woman engages in strenuous physical activity, the tissue in her breasts become more and thinner, which causes premature sagging of the breasts and/or back-related problems.

To insure this does not happen, a women needs to know her correct bra size, so the breast can be correctly supported in the sports bra without feeling discomfort.

A growing teenager should wear a sports bra which fits her perfectly and gets her bra size checked on every noticeable growth spurt, to ensure that the growing breast tissue is properly supported.

How to determine correct bra size?

First, a woman should measure the diameter of her ribcage below the breasts. Second, a woman should add five inches to the ribcage diameter measurement and if the measurement she gets is an odd number, then she should add one inch to the total.

Third, the woman needs to determine the diameter of her chest, which can be done by measuring the diameter of her chest across the largest part of her breast. And finally, the woman needs to determine her cup size by subtracting her bra size from her largest chest circumference.

For women with implants, since the implants make the breast larger than normal sized breasts, they should wear bigger fitting bras to compensate for their larger breasts.

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