Sports Women Nutrition

Sports Women Nutrition

Sports Women Nutrition - Sports Nutrition For Women » Sports Nutrition For WomenWomen today are no longer the weak and fragile race and this is evident in the way women are making their mark in almost all the fields of life. Many women are turning into women athletes and achieving fame and glory for themselves as well as their nation. However, along with regular practice and workouts, women athletes need to cater to specific nutritional demands of the body so as to remain fit and healthy. Heavy exercising in women can lead to problems like anemia, amenorrheaz and eating disorders. Thus, athlete women need to take extra care of their diet to fulfill the extra nutritional demands of their body so as to enhance their strength and endurance levels.

While both athlete men and women need to take care of their diet, this becomes extremely essential for women due to their biological make-up which demands the intake of certain nutrients more than their male counterparts. Sports women need to increase their intake of calcium and iron in particular. Calcium helps in the strengthening of bones along with aiding in muscle contraction and nerve impulses. Low level of calcium content in a woman’s body can lead to the thinning and weakening of bones leading to the risk of osteoporosis. In addition, it can also lead to an irregularity of the menstrual cycle thereby affecting the overall heath of a woman and thus restricting her success in physical activities. Just like calcium, iron is an essential component which is important for women’s overall health as a loss of it can lead to anemia which in turn can cause weakness and fatigue. Women as it is suffer from low iron levels in the body due to menstrual cycles and athlete women are at a greater risk of iron deficiency due to great physical activity which is involved in their life. Thus, their diet should consist of meat, poultry, fish and foods high in vitamin C so that they can maintain optimal health required for physical success as an athlete.

A sports woman’s diet should be such that it aids in her staying strong and lean along with helping in strength and stamina building. Thus, along with iron and calcium rich foods, their diet should be carbohydrate rich which should include lean protein foods and even calories to build up muscle and strength. In addition, they should increase their water intake to keep the body hydrated and healthy.

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