Spring 2009 Hairstyle Trend

Spring 2009 Hairstyle Trend

Spring 2009 Hairstyle Trend - Hairstyle Trends - Types of Hairstyle | Tips on - Find TipsIf you do not have a proper and trendy hairstyle, you cannot match your fashion conscious peers. We all know that every season a new hairstyle evolves. Therefore, before going to your hairstylist, perhaps a little knowledge about the current hairstyle trend would help you.

Hairstyle this season is an extension of the style of the previous year. This means that we are once again gearing up to see lots of extreme cuts. There will be a variety of extreme short styles, extreme slick styles, extreme girly styles and extreme sexy styles. This extreme hair fashion trend will include cropped bob cut, pixie crop cut, the bob and the timeless fashion of long hair.

Cropped bob cut

Have you seen Kate Holmes’ recent hair cut? The cropped bob is currently in vogue. This is the best example of an extreme haircut. If you are confident enough to carry this style, then shorten your hair and include the bolder blunt fringe style.

Pixie crop

Try this haircut only if you have a reliable hairstylist, because absence of proper styling might make you look much older. See the pictures of Victoria Beckham adorning various types of pixie crops, from the glossy schoolboy cut to the spiked hairstyle, and you will know what it means to carry the pixie crop. This haircut is perhaps bolder than the cropped bob cut and is less fine.


If you are not confident to carry the above two styles, then Bob cuts would suit your style. The current trend is to have shoulder length bob, bob with textured layers and bob with fringe. If the neat haircuts bore you, go for a messy bob this spring.

Long hair

Long hair with layers is in vogue this season. Quite a few styles are popular in the long hair category this season. The flowing hair, sleek and straight hair and the 1940s mermaid hairstyle or waves with side parts are in vogue.

Hair color

Peroxide blonde is the hottest hair color this season.

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