Spring 2009 Makeup Trend

Spring 2009 Makeup Trend

Spring 2009 Makeup Trend - Makeup Trends for spring 2009 - spring 2009 Makeup | Tips on - Find TipsFashion changes with season. Every year a new trend emerges, inspired by the runways. If we have seen lots of heavy eyebrows and bright red lipsticks last year, this spring you will see soft smoky eyes with large artificial eyelashes and pale lip colors. Here are some of the makeup trends that will light up spring 2009.

Eye makeup trend

Your eyes in this spring will be all about definition and softness. Strong eyeliners and thick heavy eyebrows are no longer in style. Instead, all top makeup brands are releasing soft pastel colors for their eye makeup collection. Violet eyeliner, which creates somewhat soft smoky eyes, is the popular trend this spring. You should choose eyeliners that are capable of complimenting your natural skin tone. To complete the soft smoky doe eyed look, you need oversized false eyelashes this spring.

We have seen the models sashaying on the runways in the New York Fashion week with these oversized lashes attached to their eyes creating an ethereal aura round them. The fashion this spring, it seems, will be ruled by fantasy themes. Unlike the thick eyebrow trend last season, the eyebrows this spring will be more natural. Allow your eyebrow to grow out and then visit your beauty expert to trim only the unruly hairs.

Facial makeup

Flawless skin is always fashionable. This spring, beauty experts are emphasizing more on the eye and lips. Therefore, the current trend is to apply minimal makeup on your face. The texture of the makeup should be lightweight. The skin should be properly hydrated to make it appear glowing with health. Illuminating powder is used for highlighting under the eyes, along the shoulder and neckline. Roses, peaches and pastel plum blushes are the colors for spring.


Lipsticks of pale and rich berry shades are back in fashion. You can use lip-gloss to add shine, but glitter and sparkles are no longer in fashion this spring.

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