Stained Glass Art

Stained Glass Art

Stained Glass Art - Decorative Stained Glass - Uses of Stained Glass in the House | Tips on - Find TipsStained glass as a concept of design and decoration was quite popular in the ancient times in various architectural designs but it reached the height of its popularity in the medieval ages when it was used to narrate the Bible to the illiterate population. Today, we find this form of art not only in churches, cathedrals, chapels, public houses or sculptures but also in houses and public buildings like town halls , schools or colleges.

Stained glass was quite popular in the Victorian ages where it was used in the windows of houses to depict pictorial beauty. You could utilize this form of art to maximize the beauty of the decor of your house. Stained glass can be used in window decoration, mirrors or as a Tiffany lamp ( it is a lamp with a stained glass shade ) chandelier or ceiling lamp. It could be anything like the following :

Tiffany Style stained glass lamps

Decorating your home with these will definitely add elegance to the ambiance. Stained glass lamps can be bought with bases made of brass or pewter so there will be less chance of the lamp tipping over and breaking. Another awesome thing is that the glass pattern reflects the soft hues of the colours used when the lamp is switched on. A chandelier, ceiling lamps, billiard lights, scones or pendants will add an extra dimension to your decor. Tiffany lamps are quite expensive and if you are not ready to shell out so much, you could always opt for other companies who are manufacturing similar lamps but at a reasonable price.

Mirrors or Wall decoration

To give an illusion of space you could use stained glass to your maximum benefit. Use a piece of glass on the wall in your living room. You could also use a stained glass mirror in your bedroom not just to enhance the beauty but also to create an illusion of the room being bigger than it actually is !

Window Panels and Fireplace Screens

Lights and candles behind fireplace screens create a charm and a feeling of warmth around the setting. These are sure to make the fire place the most attractive point in the room. Window panels made of stained glass are yet another interesting piece of decoration which is sure to add that unique sense of style to your home. These were used mostly in churches and cathedrals and now you too can use them to beautify your home.

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