Starvation diet

Starvation diet

Starvation diet - Sensible eating - Effective weight loss - Diet plan for weight loss » Lose 15 Kilos In Three MonthsThe truth is out there now and yes, it’s no longer another starvation diet recommended to knock that dead-weight off you: there are proven ways that you can adapt your lifestyle into accommodating for just 3 months to shed 15 kilos.

The action plan for losing 15 kilos in 3 months includes simple, effective and scientifically supported techniques for sensible eating. It begins with the obvious: a controlled carbs diet, which asks of the individual to eat only when hungry, include meat and fresh veggies in max quantities, but partaking only 80-150 grams of cheese besides 2 serves of fruit with low glycaemic content (e.g. kiwi, oranges, peaches, melons and berries).

Drinking 2 litres of water daily will flush toxins out of the system and also give a ‘filled up’ feeling that helps push away hunger pangs, helping you shed those 15 kilos faster! Along with these two basic rules for rapid, effective weight loss, remember to knock off all those carbs from your daily diet, like sugary treats or processed cereals (read white bread, potatoes etc.). These foods have a high glycaemic index (GI), which is likely to raise blood sugar levels quickly, resulting in a weight loss block for you; eliminating these high GI foods will help control insulin levels and speed up your fat loss!

Ensure that the veggies you are munching on are the non-starchy variety (carrots, corn, potatoes – yes, even sweet and white ones, not just fried) and include protein in every meal plan that you can, especially breakfast, which is your most important meal.

Most guys tend to skip breakfast, but only encourages over-eating at lunch and a tendency towards foods that give an instant energy rush, mainly high GI foods. Thus, have a healthy fruit, cereal or dairy-rich breakfast (even chicken, eggs or fish are good options, as proteins aid in nourishing your muscles) that contains balanced nutrients, keeping hunger pangs at bay.

To sum up, shape up in 3 months with the fast-track controlled carbs, high veggies and protein plan and dump the processed foods (high in sugar and nitrates besides heavy on the budget)!

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