Step to get a Smoky Eyes Look

Step to get a Smoky Eyes Look

Step to get a Smoky Eyes Look - How to get Smoky Eye Look - Smoky Eyes - Steps to get Perfect Smoky Eyes Look | Tips on - Find TipsSmoky eyes look give a sexy and sensuous look to the personality. This kind of eye makeup gives a dramatic facelift. Contrary to the perception, smoky eyes look need not be dark, however, it is dramatic. Color of eye shadow makes the whole difference. Right selection and right blending of the eye shadow colors can create that desired look. Another point to be remembered is light base colors are paired with rich dark colors. You can create a prefect smoky eye look with patience and practice.

Steps to Get Perfect Smoky Eyes Look

You will need Eye Primer, Two Shades of eye shadow (Lighter and darker), Mascara, Eyeliner and makeup Brushes.

Prepare the Eyelid:

Apply eye primer to make the eyelids, free from any grease. This works as the eye shadow base.

Working with Lower lashes:

Apply light colored eye liner on the lower lash and smudge it well. Smudging can be better if you use light colored eye shadow.

Applying Base Color:

The trick of smoky eyes lies in blending light colored eye shadow with dark colored eye shadow. Apply a light colored shadow such as the cream shade, starting from base of the eyelid to the brow bone.

Using Eyeliner:

For a black, brown or gray smoky look, use the eye liner of that color on the upper eyelash. For a jewel tone look, apply purple, green or blue eyeliner.

Blending of colors:

After you have applied eyeliner and the eye shadow, it is the time to blend both of these for a smoky eye effect. But before that, apply a darker eye shadow shade. Now take a eye shadow brush and start blending both the colors. Starting from the lash line, blend it in the upward movement.

Using Mascara:

To complete the look, you should use mascara in the end. It gives thickness and length to the eyelashes. And also curl your eyelashes to give them wider look.

Now you are ready for the evening party with gorgeous smoky eyes look.

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