Steve Jobs And Rupert Murdoch Create Digital Newspaper

Steve Jobs And Rupert Murdoch Create Digital Newspaper

Steve Jobs And Rupert Murdoch Create Digital Newspaper - Steve Jobs & Rupert Murdoch To Launch iPad NewspaperMedia mogul Rupert Murdoch and Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs have joined hands for a digital newspaper that will be named “Daily”. The newspaper will probably be unveiled or the first time by the end of this month.

Work on the digital newspaper had been carrying on for the past few months in the Big Apple but was kept a secret. The newspaper will be the first of its kind to cater exclusively to the tablet PCs in the market such as Apple’s i-Pad. The launch of the newspaper is expected to be held early next year.

Murdoch’s view of exploring innovative ideas for dissemination of news comes full circle with the digital daily. The newspaper promises to combine a tabloid sensibility with broadsheet intelligence with regards to the kind content that it will carry. Apparently the digital newspaper will not have any other edition either in print or on the web and will be sent directly to the owners of tablet PCs.

The “Daily” will have focus on US based news and features and will cost 99 cents per week as subscription. The printing and distribution costs of such a newspaper will be zero and thus it will cost a fraction of the cost of a newspaper made of paper.

The digital newspaper is expected to be run by a team of handpicked news professionals, with three managing editors one of whom is rumoured to be Pete Picton from the Sun. The arts and culture section will be managed by Sasha Frere-Jones who works as a music critic with the New Yorker.

Murdoch has taken personal interest in the project as he believes that the “Daily” will soon find many takers as far as the content and execution of the newspaper adheres to high standards in terms of quality. Also if one goes by the number of iPads which are predicted to be sold by the end of next year- 40 million, hten the potential for the “Daily” seems to be bright. It has been rumoured that Apple wanted to step in and have a say in the pricing of the newspaper and price it the way iTunes is modelled.

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