Stimulate Child Brain With Art -Child Development Through Art

Stimulate Child Brain With Art -Child Development Through Art

Stimulate Child Brain With Art -Child Development Through Art - Lessons The Arts Teach - Stimulate Your Child Brain | Tips on - Find TipsEvery parent wants the best things in the world for their child. They want them to grow as a confidant and sensitive individual. As human’s brain is the first organ to be developed completely when the baby is in the womb, after coming to this world, it just keeps on developing.

Art is a powerful tool to help that.
Encourage your child to do coloring in their own style. Just give lot of different colors & other material and let them run their imagination wild. For younger kids, you can tell them just to scribble on the paper whereas for little older kids draw them shapes & lines and then ask to color them.

For bigger kids, provide different types of colors available in the art-store like water colors, postal water colors, postal crayons and oil or fabric colors.

Using different types of colors gives a feeling of experimenting with the world of art. Also, try different forms of art like handicraft, paper origami or making things from unused stuff.

Lessons that art helps to teach

• It helps them to show their individuality which is very helpful as they grow up.
• It teaches them that there is more than one solution to a problem. Also, they will learn that there is no “right” or “wrong” solution associated with a problem.
• When they are busy with art, it satisfies their inner self and also helps to channelize energy.
• It helps in developing fine motor skills for younger kids and combat boredom for little older kids.
• It will help them to concentrate and they will pay attention to even small details as a small change can impact much.
• It brings out their hidden talent

Some parents try to avoid giving their kids colors because of the mess in the end. But, if we look the other way, we can ask kids only to help in cleaning the mess.

This way, they will learn the importance of cleaning also.
Finally, if your child is keen to do art work, do not discourage. You can send him/her to an art class. So, let them experience and enjoy the world of art and colors.

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