Straegies Of Negotiation

Straegies Of Negotiation

Straegies Of Negotiation - Negotiation Situation - Ways To Control Emotions - Keep Quite » Six Negotiation StrategiesNegotiation is not about getting a reduction in the price of what you want to buy. It is more than that. Negotiation is an art that only a few people can master. It is about getting something instead of another thing. When negotiation is well done both parties are happy. When it is not well done, both parties leave with a bitter taste in their mouth. Negotiation involves strategies. Some of these are as follows.

Don’t make the first offer.
This is a simple rule which should be adhered to in every negotiation situation. You must always see where the other party is coming from first before you drop your card. When they come with a great offer, you see they are desperate. When they make an unrealistic offer you see they are not interested. This could be a gauge for you.

Let them fight for you.
This is what will make you win big. In life, in whatever situation you find yourself, your value is greater when a lot of people want you. As much as possible have two people waiting to have you so they play it between themselves to your advantage.

Aim high
But you must be reasonable. Asking for more than you are willing to settle for is good but if it is too high you get sacked. You must always be at the negotiating table. That should be your aim. People feel insulted when you offer something with little or no value. They will think you are pretentious and so reject your offer.

Control your emotions
Don’t jump into the air shouting yippee if they give you a great offer. Remain cool. You can celebrate when you get home.

You must be tough
No matter the value of the deal to you, you must be ready to and willing to walk out when you feel that it is not going to benefit you. This is one of the toughest you might have to do. Get out of the negotiation before it ends up into something you will regret later.

Keep quite
When an offer is being made, sometimes it is just good to keep quite. Keep quite for as long as it will be necessary to create an uncomfortable silence. Let the other party break the ice with a different offer. You can pretend to be analyzing the offer.

If you can’t do it let a professional do it for you.

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