Stress Relief Diet Chart Planning

Stress Relief Diet Chart Planning

Stress Relief Diet Chart Planning - How to Plan Stress Relief Diet Chart - Food for Stress Relief Diet | Tips on - Find TipsIncluding the necessary food items, which will help you fight against stress, is not just enough. Planning a diet chart accordingly is the key to enjoying the benefits of such a stress-relief diet. Here are a few tips which you should keep in mind while chalking out a diet chart which will give the maximum benefits:

The things that are to be followed religiously:

Eat a heavy breakfast. Never skip the first meal of the day as it is essential for maintaining blood sugar level. The last meal of a day is eaten at night after which there is a long gap. So, if you skip your breakfast you will be harming yourselves more than you can imagine. Moreover, it will leave you lethargic as you will not get enough energy to carry on with your work through the day.

Reduce your intake of coffee to reduce the stress level. Try having green tea instead of your regular coffee as it will help you stay fresh through the day owing to its antioxidant content. Not just this, green tea is also known to promote fat oxidation in humans at rest and to prevent occurrence of breast cancer. Also try and not consume coffee just after dinner as it disturbs sleep.

Replace soft drinks with fruit juice as soft drinks, like coffee, increases the level of stress. If you are very thirsty don’t grab a cold drink can instead, go for a bottle of water.

To relieve you of stress always carry a small bottle of water with you. To overcome tiredness snack on healthy food items like sprouts, fruit salads, salads, fruits or yogurt. Carry lunch from home to the office instead of eating out at a restaurant.

The things to avoid:

Never skip any of the essential meals of the day due to extreme fatigue or stress. These meals are your source of energy so, if you cut out on them, the situation is only going to deteriorate.

We find ourselves indulging in emotional eating when we are highly stressed. This gives way to other health problems so never give in to emotional-eating. Avoid fast foods like burgers, fries, pizzas or other deep fried items during this phase.

Due to stress and depression many indulge in emotional-eating which leads to weight gain. Remember not to go on a crash-diet to counter the problem. Stress levels increase all the more if fruits, carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins and fats are not present in proper amounts in our daily diets.

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