Style tips for Summer

Style tips for Summer

Style tips for Summer - How to Enjoy This Summer - Look Beautiful this Summer - Your Wardrobe For This Summer | Tips on - Find TipsSummer is the longest season in the tropical countries. Thus, you should know to enjoy this season. The arrival of this season is dreaded by most of us and the prime reason being that we are not confident as to how to carry ourselves in terms of fashion and looks during this season. However, if you have the key to all you’re the queries locked inside your brain than summer can b the most attractive season for you as it will make you look more beautiful than ever.

Keep your self updated about the right type of outfits that is very much in during this season. You should also know the colors that are trendy now. Surf the net and read good fashion magazines. For example the colors of his season are fruity and bright. Replenish your wardrobe with bright pinks, greens, lemon yellows, blues etc. Try out large floral prints and graphic geometric prints. They are mostly happening this season. Too much of white, beige, black are not accepted now. Especially in the day time such bright colors will make you look even brighter.

Summer has all the reasons to help you flaunt your beauty. This is the time you can wear sleeveless, halter necks, backless, short pants, etc. However, during the day time if you are outside in the sun for long hours and you do not have any intentions of getting suntan, than covered clothes are the best options for you.

Though, the most happening outfits today are short pants just below the knees most commonly know as “Capri”, cotton and denim shorts, jodhpur pants, etc. A halter neck black top with a beige or white corded Capri can be a perfect party wear at night. Similarly, a pair of bright orange cotton shorts with a floral printed sleeveless top can always make you look funky at the beach.

Match your accessories with the dresses you choose. Small side bags are out of trade now. Leather is not the material in fashion during this period. Large bags with metallic or beaded finish are stealing the show now. Similarly, a small beaded necklace that matches the color of your dress will always make you look attractive. Hoops and chandeliers are out of trade. Empty ears or small diamond tops with neck accessories are more in fashion now. Large framed sunglasses are ruling the market and golden frames are a strict no-no.

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