Style tricks for larger size women

Style tricks for larger size women

Style tricks for larger size women - Hairstyles For Plus Size Women - Plus size clothing & plus size fashion resources - Plus Size Women’s Clothing - Large Size Womens Shoes » Style tricks for larger size womenDo you know that once you recognize your body shape and flaws, it becomes more easier for you to work on your closet to the best advantage? Here are some easy styling tricks that can really help you to re-establish your wardrobe.

For larger ladies, empire-line outfits with gentle flare can really do wonders. Choose the clothes having vertical lines plus use one column of color throughout in your clothing. This will help in making you appear taller and slimmer at the same time. Avoid contrasts as they create the illusion of width. Try to wear dark colors at the bottom and lighter ones on the top. Do have one white linen “kurta” that can lift your sagging spirit.

Other slimming pieces in your arsenal should include flat-front trousers with wide legs, A-line skirt, and lots of single color dresses without pleats.

Don’t think much and add colors and panache to your style with well-chosen accessories. Trust me that jewelry, stoles, scarves and bags can do wonders for your existing clothes repertoire.

Whenever you go out, shopping for your jeans, always consider your body length and proportions. If you have a longer body structure, go for a higher rise jean. But if you have a shorter body- a lower waist jeans will look awesome on you.

Remember that a colorful dupatta is always in vogue, so do have a place for it in your wardrobe section.

At times, if you find your clothes are pulling you down and you have nothing to wear, don’t panic about it. Slap some makeup-it will surely perk you up and your down spirits.

Finally, if all else fails, slip into your sexiest lingerie, it will always make you feel like a million dollar, irrespective of what you wear outside.

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