Styling Tips

Styling Tips

Styling Tips - Styling Tips Look good - Style Fashion & Beauty Tips - What Hair Style Looks Good - Hot Fashion Tips look good » Styling Tips To Look And Feel Good – Part IHere are some tips on how to look and feel good, no matter what …

If, you want full lips, then line your lips with a pencil and blend the edges with a sponge applicator. If, one lip is thinner, apply a slightly lighter shade of lipstick on it. Finish both with lip gloss. If, you want an extra pout, emphasise the top lip by dabbing a spot of gloss in the centre. Go on, you can now pucker up!

Looking Mature
For those who want to look mature, perhaps, to get in the door where the under-aged are not allowed, or for an interview, wearing tailored clothes is the way to go. They not only flatter your figure in a subtly seductive way, they also imbue you with confidence on how you look and come across to others.

When Nothing Else Works, Show Cleavage
Invest in push-up bras and wear them at all times… Then get into that t-shirt or dress with the low neckline. You can be sure; everyone will sit up and pay attention, including your boss!

Designer Wear
A drain on your pocket, but head to toe designer wear is only for the very insecure, who need labels as a fashion security blanket.

Style Statement
One animal print item in an outfit can be one too many, sometimes. Who wants to look like a talking zoo on legs?

You’ll never get the look if your hair isn’t right. Invest in a good haircut, it is the one thing that will stand by your when your clothes go wrong.

Colour Blocking
Colour block and wear chunks of solid colours. It not only looks tres, tres chic, it also works fabulously in asymmetric shapes with trousers, skirts and jackets or statement making jewellery piece.

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