Stylish And Smart Dressing For The Office

Stylish And Smart Dressing For The Office

Your workplace is where you end up spending a lot of time. It is that one place where you happen to meet all kinds of business people whom you will want to impress. It could either be your demanding boss or the client. Dressing up appropriately in the office projects your professional attitude and gives a good image of you, it could be any level of management you are into. Every color, styles or the cut of your clothes you wear, it will be reflecting your personality and will tell about how serious you are about the job. Therefore, it is extremely important to wear right kind of office wear.

Now talking about office wear, it does not have to be boring. Although there are various industry that gives you a freedom to dress i.e. you don’t have to dress up formally. But in most of the corporate industry you are asked to wear formals. But still you have an option to pep-up your office attire by adding some of your personal styling sense to it and look wonderful.

Dressing up for your workplace can be done stylishly and without looking overboard. All you need is to arrange your wardrobe keeping in mind the basic must-haves. So let’s give it a try:

Add Basics To Your Wardrobe

Stylish And Smart Dressing For The Office - Things You Should Never Wear To Office

There are some of essentials for the office attire that you have to keep in mind. It can also be called as ‘office staples’. With office staples you can mix and match and create altogether a new look. Some basic office attire will include a crisp white shirt (well fitted), well fitted trousers in all basic colors like; black, brown, blue, a pant suit preferably of dark color, a skirt-suit, few will fitted shirts in subtle colors, waistcoat, cardigan, a good handbag and closed pumps to go with your attire.

While getting these basics for your office wear don’t ever compromise on the quality. More than the quantity, you should always choose quality. It is because you will be in constant scrutiny of your colleagues, subordinates and also your boss and I’m sure you will never want to spoil your image.

Dress Up Smartly

Stylish And Smart Dressing For The Office - Things You Should Never Wear To Office

After selection of basic must-haves for your office attire, you will now need some extra elements and a trendy style to give it a complete look. Some mix and matching can be done of your tops and bottoms to create something new everyday. Apart from these, accessories also play an important role to make you look more professional as well as stylish. You can add some good watches, subtle jewelery, shoes and scarves to your wardrobe.

Things To Keep in Mind

Stylish And Smart Dressing For The Office - Things You Should Never Wear To Office

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Colors- They play a major role in building your professional image. Black and white happens to be the classic color for women office attire. Traditional colors used for office attires are; black, white, gray, blue and navy. These are the colors that goes well with formal bottoms. However, there are other feminine colors like light pink, light blue, soft purple that are also used in women office wear. Bright and flashy colors should be strictly avoided as office wear. But if you are bold and creative or are confident enough to pull off the colors then you should definitely try these.

Jacket- It is an essential item that should be included to your work wear outfits. A black jacket with perfect cut according to your body type can just complete the formal look in you. It comes handy for various job interviews, while meeting the client, corporate deals or functions. The jacket instantly boosts up your image. You can even wear it in evening party straight after your work.

Layering- For some interesting look at your workplace, you can try layering your outfit. By layering your outfit, you can create various styles, and add newness to your regular office wear. When in winters, layering can be done by wearing vest, sweater or a smart jacket over a formal shirt and you can have many looks by repeating same garment in different way. But then in summer, you can also layer with cotton fabrics. All you will require is to use your imaginations and give a personal touch to your formal wear.

Stylish And Smart Dressing For The Office - Things You Should Never Wear To Office

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Things You Should Avoid Wearing To Office

Short skirts/ Midriff tops- Lately you have been constantly working on toning down your body but, it is advisable to keep your flesh tucked away in a professional environment.

T-shirts and flashy accessories- Most of the tech crowd loves to wear these. And it doesn’t stop here, more the messages written in front of the t-shirt, the better. Fashion expert suggest not to add bling to your formal wear because they are less likely to be taken seriously. You should wear plain formal shirts with less print on it.

Tracksuit or leggings- You may possibly jog with your boss during lunch break but that does not give you a reason to wear your sports garment in your workspace. According to experts, anything made of spandex should be best worn at office.

Casual footwear- Never wear footwear like crocs, ugg boots or flip-flops in your office. Wearing casual footwear spoils the professional image of yours. So invest in good quality shoes that can match your formal wear.

Tattoos and facial piercing- Although, tattoo and facial piercing may be a part of your personality but like said by the experts, it doesn’t give the right impression at any corporate office.

Avoid wearing unpressed clothes- Make sure that you iron your clothes before getting into it. Crushed or wrinkled shirt gives a very unprofessional look.

Other than what to wear and what not to wear in your office, you should also consider on your personal hygiene. It includes things like, manicured nails, polished shoes, neatly combed hair, subtle make-up and not using strong perfumes or deodorants. Apart from prepping up your office wear, if you keep all these small things in mind then you are really going to make a right and positive impression at your workplace.

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