Stylish Wedding Tips

Stylish Wedding Tips

Stylish Wedding Tips - Wedding Planner - How to Plan a Beautiful Wedding - Romantic Honeymoon - Wedding Dress | Tips on - Find TipsPlanning a wedding can be somewhat costly if you don’t pay attention. We all want our wedding to be beautiful and just the way that we dreamed about it when we were little. You can still have that beautiful wedding without all of the extra cost.

Before you even start planning the wedding, you and your soon to be spouse should decide on a budget. Start out with the most expensive things first such as the honeymoon and the rings. Let everything else come second. One of the major expenses is the venue. This can get rather expensive so try to plan holding this at your family home or maybe a friend’s home.

When it comes to the actual planning of the wedding, ask for help from family and friends as opposed to a wedding planner. This will save you a considerable amount of money. Decorations can also be expensive. Look for specials after a holiday such as Christmas. You can get great deals on tea lights and silk flowers.

If you have a computer or digital camera, you can create your own stationery. Your wedding dress is something that you will only wear once. Look for deals on the internet and clearance specials. For your flowers, ask your friends if they know how to arrange flowers and do this for the center pieces for your tables.

Do a lot of research for a good photographer that will let you pick and choose your photos. This can save you money as well. If you are hiring a caterer, be careful of hidden charges. Buying your own drinks such as soda and alcohol can be a great cost saver. If you, any member of your family or even your friends know how to cook, you may be able to do the reception yourself as opposed to hiring someone.

Try to get inventive for your honeymoon. This part of your wedding can get a little expensive so think outside the box. Try house swapping or a bed and breakfast type of place. You will be able to have a romantic honeymoon and still keep your costs reasonable.

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