Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse - Substance Abuse Causes - Substance Abuse Prevention » Substance AbuseWe all have heard of growing numbers of drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Intake of these items which are hazardous for use but whose intake becomes like a habit is termed as substance abuse. Substance abuse in turn leads to various problems, be it physical, emotional, psychological, social as well as moral. It is for this reason that our newspapers are full of news that depict growing number of crimes as well as growing number of ailments and deaths as a result of substance abuse, be it alcohol, cigarette, cocaine or any other drug.

The substance you take is termed as abused substance and such substances can lead to various problems and their sudden withdrawal too creates withdrawal related problems that can range from mild symptoms to serious ones like seizures. Before moving ahead, let’s understand the various kinds of substance abuse.

All of us have heard of alcohol addiction. This addiction leads to weakening self control and it also weakens your muscle coordination, slows down your reactions by affecting your nervous system and gradually affects your lungs and your overall physical and psychological health. Leaving alcohol suddenly too leads to withdrawal symptoms.

Drug abuse is gradually increasing in number as more and more people, especially teenagers are treading this amoral path. Abuse of heroin and cocaine along with various other drugs can lead to various problems and also increase crime and amoral activities in the society.

Now that we have looked at some of the kinds of substance abuse, it is necessary to understand the causes of it. Well, there are various emotional factors that can lead young people in particular to embrace such life. For instance, we all are familiar with the famous connection between heart breaks and alcohol addiction. Additionally, stress, inability to cope up with life’s pressure, depression, poor self image, peer pressure, feeling of emotional detachment, and even improper parenting can make a person indulge in substance abuse.

It is necessary to prevent this problem as substance abuse is better prevented than cured.

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