Suing the Devil Movie Review

Suing the Devil Movie Review

Suing the Devil Movie Review - Suing the Devil Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingHow many times have we actually cursed the devil for all the rotten situations we always seem to end up in? And how many times do we actually get so angry that if given the chance, we would gladly give the devil a piece of our mind?

If you find yourself falling in sync with the above mentioned scenarios, then you definitely need to watch Director Tim Chey’s latest offering which is titled ‘Suing the Devil’. Released on Januray 21, 2011, the film revolves around Luke O’Brien (played by Bart Bronson), a low key salesman who studies law in a night school.

Luke is fed up with his washed up life. His constant failures at both his workplace and school exasperate him to no end until one fine day; he decides he has had enough. Blaming none other than the Satan himself for all his difficulties, Luke decides to sue Satan (played by Malcolm McDowell) for a whopping 8 trillion dollars on charges of inflicting pain on several people over the centuries with his scheming ways.

Just one day prior to Luke filing a default judgement, Satan actually decides to make an appearance and clear his name off all the charges made against him. And he’s not alone. He’s got 10 of the best trial lawyers in the country in his legal team to defend his case.

Luke realises that he has his work cut out for him and as the D day (the day the case comes to the court) nears, everyone waits with bated breath and in eager anticipation of what can clearly be called ‘The Trial of the Century’.

With a run time of 90 minutes, ‘Suing the Devil’ manages to hook onto you from the word ‘go’and keeps your eyes fixed to the proceedings on screen until after the final credits roll by. The movie is both Brat Bronson and Malcolm McDowell’s show all the way as the actors literally carry the script and narrative effectively on their shoulders.

Suing the Devil Movie Review - Suing the Devil Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Malcolm McDowell as the Devil needs a standing ovation for his persuasive and natural performance. As the Devil himself, McDowell gets to carry along his bag of tricks wherever he goes; even to court.

The film’s storyline has been penned in a scripture style as a result of which you find several verses making their way into the narrative at regular intervals. In addition to this, the special effects are compelling to watch on screen and are effectively handled by the director to create a realistic feel.

Most of the case proceeds with continuous use of the Bible and the scriptures to accuse the Devil of his wrong doings. And Chey’s portrayal of Luke standing by the scripture in spite of the Devil’s clever arguments can be interpreted as some kind of message to all believers.

Suing the Devil Movie Review - Suing the Devil Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

A quaint little film with a unique storyline, good intentions, class direction and compelling performances, ‘Suing the Devil’ is a film on extended hope and inspiration for those who feel life is all but over! A must watch for everyone indeed!

Director: Tim Chey

Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Bart Bronson, Shannen Fields, Corbin Bersen and Tom Sizemore.

Rating: 4/5


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